Monday, October 06, 2014

Lazy weekend

2 weekends ago, we had a great time. The weather was so hot and sunny I had to crank a few fans. I enjoyed going overboard with my new soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy on vinyl and Marc and the girls biked to the salt water pool for a few hours. We later had good friends over to dine on some scrumptious cheese fondue, more music, good conversations and at least 3 bottles of wine. It was great! The next day Marc and the girls spent most of the day playing video games while I puttered on my blog. We later biked to the beach with a good picnic and stayed long enough to watch the sunset. Busy but simple and memorable. I have a post for that day, sitting here as a draft among many.

This weekend was the opposite. There wasn't much activity going on. It was chilly and wet but the sleeping in and cozy atmosphere was what I needed. When it got sunny we went out for a long walk along the main street and to the waterfront. We watched the seagulls gliding in the strong winds but didn't stick around too long. It was too cold! Instead we grabbed a few things on the way home to make mini pizzas. The girls made their own and ate them while watching a few episodes of Young Justice (with Marc who brainwashed them well). Us grown ups enjoyed our fancier version later with a movie: Watchmen. It was low-key and necessary.

Our table is like a family station for coffee, cookbooks, drawings, colouring and shows on the iPad. It always gets cleared for dinner (thank you Marc), and after the meal I clean it up as if nothing happened. It's often the only clean spot in the house! Lots gets done here.

The cat joined us for caresses and a bit of buttermilk.

I enjoyed watching them between my reads on Italian pasta, antipasto and English custards.

What is better than breakfast? One that you didn't have to cook! Especially when you realize your guy went the extra block to get quality bacon from a local shop and fresh country bread from the baker. He knows this charms me more than flowers! ;)

And fresh croissants! On sale for $1.00 because they were a bit over baked? Ok! Café au lait (to dunk it in), took care of that in a wink. This was a Sunday morning highlight!

Those 2 that are signalling me, often make me smile on tougher mornings.

2nd breakfast gone. Could do that all day.

An other moment when little Évangéline and I marvelled over some grapes. We often take them for granted. So pretty. She would eat the whole thing if I let her. 

She made me take a pic of this old add that she keeps with her drawings. She especially likes the little red cat by the lamp.

Eventually we did go out. Came back hungry for this. The girls had mini english muffin versions that they like to make themselves. Marc and I had this tasty display. I used to make fun of pizza on pita bread but this was so good. If done right, you forget what was used for the base. We only wished I made more. Next time!

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