Thursday, October 02, 2014

Laughing is good

Had a few rough days (mainly in the head) and it slowly starts to show with the messy house. It's a vicious circle because a messy house gets me down when I already feel vulnerable. See where it's going?

So I'll ignore all that and go clear my mind in the warm indian summer sun and join my husband who is gone to pick up our girl from school with the little one. It's a short walk that will do me good. The weather is cool but the sun is so bright. The trees are rustling their leaves in the breeze, the sound is soothing and pleasantly punctuated with the voices and laughter of excited children in the distance. Marc and the girls will stop by a local café for something hot to sip while sitting on the front terrace. The girls might play and fight about the new set of swings that the owner installed there. I think my best bet is to join them for a few minutes.

In the meantime, this below, is my medicine. It's been going around on Facebook and twitter for ever and there are many compilations online but this one is my favourite. I can cry laughing. It's that good. Or my kind of humour? Anyways, whenever I share this with Marc he isn't convinced but he likes to see me laugh and laughing is good. 

So here I am sharing. Make sure you crank the volume and if I builded this up too much for you, well at least expect to smile. A lot! :D