Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Smoked salmon is better when shared with a loved one

I found myself craving smoked salmon for a few days now (thanks to a friend who shared a tasty looking photo on Facebook). I knew there was a small amount lost in the deep freezer since Christmas so today I caved, fished it out and made a quick lunch. The small amount was actually tiny so it was more like a quick snack. I enjoyed it all neatly piled on a slice of toasted, buttered bagel with a thinly sliced French shallot, a sprinkle of kosher salt and a little drizzle of olive oil. It was very pleasant but something was missing. I wondered if it was the small amount that was disappointing or the lack of cream cheese? Better bread? Capers? In the end I think it was the lack of sharing. No one else was there to experience the pleasure with me. Usually that would make me happy because (I'll admit it), I can be a bit greedy ;) but why is it that sharing always makes this treat better?

I'm the only one in this house that enjoys smoked salmon. Aside from the occasional visit from my mother who would be my accomplice for this treat, my real partner in crime used to be a cute, furry little feline friend. His name was Yoshi. Named by my oldest (it was actually her cat) but after she moved away, he stayed and after 19 years, he was definitely an old friend. He sadly passed away 6 months ago. Funny enough, I was thinking of him really hard yesterday. I was clearing some pictures from my super full laptop and there it was pictures of Yoshi, politely waiting at the table to share smoked salmon with me.

I miss him but it's easy now. One of the last memorable smoked salmon treat I had was with this little guy and thankfully pictures were taken. The best part of it (aside from the fact that it was so freaking delicious), was definitely the sharing. I loved how he sat next to me so patiently, waiting for me to choose the right plate, waiting while I took some pictures, waiting while I switched plates, waiting for that special bite and then finally having me sitting by his side to share and indulge.

He loved the cream cheese just as much. A nice break for me which meant I had time to make little bites for myself and feed him in between.

Thanks for the memories, Yoshi.