Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ramblings on new challenge & new couch!

I feel like this is 2 posts in one but I'm tired and all over the map. So I'm just going to put it out there to clear my head and move on. 

I've been consumed with trying to figure out blogging. Is it supposed to be this draining to set it all up and worry about Google+ and circles, apps, overviews, stats, audience, traffic sources... Following and who to add or where to share and when? Gaah! Takes th fun out of it. I often feel like an old luddite when it comes to new technology. Whether it's computers, cellphones, social media, using our own television system and remotes, I struggle! Ok, so I'm no cave woman either. I can surf the web efficiently and google more than the average joe on any topic under the sun and most of the time, I can find what I'm looking for. As an illustrator I don't have a choice and I can manage with the tools but I stick to the basics or pester my husband to help. He is at ease with all this and will learn a new program on the spot if it means a new contract. I'm not. I'm a big chicken and here I am admitting this to all 3 of you that read me! :)

I was pretty comfortable in my facebook bubble for years. I was posting a lot about this and that knowing that it was probably not interesting to all (I wonder how many blocked me) ;) It was obviously time to expand my wings and face the challenges of trying something new. After years of procrastination, I finally went for it. I think my husband applauded when I told him! Man, it's just a blog!! So why is it a big deal? Why is it a lot to take in? Am I the only one struggling? Is this a beginner's symptom? Am I just jumping the gun? Don't mind my rambling and rhetorical questions. Apparently I've been doing this around the house too and driving my husband nuts. He's the in-house techie and so far he always held my hand when complications came around but he knows little about blogs or the process of blogging and decided that I could figure this out on my own. I am. Slowly. Painfully. I have my big girl pants on to see this through. I read so much, learned a lot too but I lost myself a bit in the process and this is only my 3rd post! :P Just bear with me if you're still here. I'm processing a lot and feel like the human equivalent of the spinning beach ball on my desktop. Ok. Feeling better. Tips welcome!

On the bright (random) side, we have a new couch and it's pink! Crazy I know but we both love it! It's where I'm typing from right now. It's a week old today! In fact I've been wanting to share this much earlier but the issues above were just blocking me.

Big Pink! Music gets played here too.

I'm just happy to look at this with no regrets. The pic looks a little saturated and I had to brighten the image (it's a cold snowy March), but the colour is a good match. Lots of details (shelves, rug, lamp), are going to be moved elsewhere.

It brings colour and brightness to the room but almost works as a neutral. It goes with everything! The best part is that not a day went by without Marc saying something like: "Looks good!" "I like our new couch!" "I'm happy with this!" "This is cool" "Pink, who knew?" :D The funny thing is, I'm not a pink girl! I know that my header above says otherwise but that was just me going for different. Pink is a very strong colour with good vibes. It was never supposed to be girly in the first place. You can click herehere and here on the subject but that would be a WHOLE other topic. 

When we went shopping for a "grey" couch, we had a few styles in mind but the moment I saw the pink beast, I felt drawn to it. It was calling me with it's cheerful brightness during this very dull month of March. It felt like love at first sight but I resisted because of the stigma. Even Marc reacted in a predictable way. In fact his words were: "No Freaking way!" We were set on the grey version and it looked pretty cool with the colourful pillows but each time we looked at the pink one, it was saying: "Yeeaah! You know I'm more fun!" We kept looking at couches but as we kept crossing paths with the big pink, resistance became futile. Time went by and even Marc started to change his tune. He admitted that the pink version seemed less boring. In the end he said: "Honey, I trust your judgement." Whaat? Instant pressure!!! I was petrified of making the wrong decision. I must have changed my mind a million times between that moment and the second we officially made the purchase. Once the decision was made, awkward smiles crept on our faces. It was exciting and a bit scary. We arranged to get it delivered the next day and that night (I'll admit it), it was torture. I was still considering calling them to switch it to grey. Marc seemed to enjoy this and kept reminding me that a big pink couch was coming in. He was more at peace with it than I was. I'm not sure why I had doubts. Maybe because pink triggers a knee-jerk reaction. Many like to gag over it and it's suffering from so many clichés and lets face it, it's quite the colourful commitment for a couch! 

I'm 43 years old though and I have a pretty good idea of what I like in the house and what works or not from room to room. I'm so glad we went for it. I'm even happier that my guy encouraged my instinct. Because it looks awesome!


  1. I showed the couch the my classmates.. they all love the room and think it looks cool. They want it. :p

    Hey, youre right the pink works

    1. I know! It was a bit scary and it would have cost me to return it but it felt so right. Wait till you try it. The whole bottom pulls out into this big platform so we can veg and watch movies. :) And thank you classmates!