Monday, March 24, 2014

A cool, bright video created by Shishi Yamazaki

I stumbled on this gem last week and I'm excited to share! I was so fascinated I must have watched it half a dozen times plus anything else that I could find on Shishi Yamazaki. The tune has been stuck in my head all weekend. I've been humming it so much that my little one knows it. I have no idea why but it's taking me to the 70s. In France of all places! After humming it a few times, I pictured a mod pattern of flowers from my grandmother's wallpaper in Marseille. It was the wrong colour (brown), but I remember pink too and the music reminds me of movies from that era. I know it's late and I'm sick but I'm sure I'm not delirious.

Isn't this rotoscope animation beautiful? Fascinating and charmingly quirky? The hand painted animation just gives it a tactile quality that makes me want to touch it!



  1. It's what I said! :) Especially with this weather that won't lighten up. I need bright and colourful goodness! She has an other video in the works I think. I'll keep en eye out for it.