Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring is here!

Sounds like a late statement but it took for ever for spring to show up. In fact I'm still expecting to see snow. It's hard to believe that this pic is only 12 days old! This little jerk looked creepy lurking at our living room window. He startled me a few times in the late hours and was an irritating reminder of our long brutal winter. He was like mocking me, saying: "I'm still heeeeere!" Finally, he melted last weekend. Good riddance! Sorry kids. He was cute but he had to go! Same with the snow.

Yesterday, I went for a milk run late in the evening under the rain. It was the perfect spring setting. I had a gorgeous red umbrella with me and I couldn't even bother to open it. The rain almost felt warm, the air was balmy and the peat mossy smells were hinting that things were finally happening. The earth is softer, thawing, worms and plants like our day-lilies are poking out of the ground. The little world around us is waking up after a long sleep, slowly stretching and pushing. New birth, new cycle.

When we walked home from school, my girls and I stripped our coats off for the first time this year. They were chirping, skipping and so excited about the change. It was contagious! :) They talked about picnics and biking and the park. They stayed outside to play, I gave them juice, the sun was warm, the birds were singing but the girls were louder. SPRING! Yay!

Eventually it got cold and I went in followed by the little one not too long after but that was a great start!

And with that I realize that I have no energy for a post. Maybe for a drink. I've been obsessing over a concoction that I'm enjoying best in a crystal glass. Goes something like this: 3-4 ice cubes, top with coffee liquor (the one I have is made with rum), top with milk. Voilà! Si bon!! 

I would like to call it a White Russian but I know better (no vodka). I'm personally quite happy with the rum version. I'm not the Dude.


Now pizza, feet up and a movie. Happy Weekend! :)


  1. Your description of the early hint of spring in the cold East gives me goosebumps, here in California I don't get to experience that amazing feeling.

    1. I never thought about it that way. Although I often wondered how people in your climate would feel about waking up to the first snow. It's always so magical. I can be a big whiner when it's cold but the first few months are great and then it gets old! ;) So when spring is finally here it's exciting. It's a little messy right now and not very pretty (unless you're into shades of grey and brown) but it's the sense of touch and smell that gets treated. Change is in the air and I can't wait for the flowers to come out! :)